Let the darkness consume you...
Let the darkness enlighten you...

Horn & Dagger  is copy complete. Scheduled release is March 21, 2018! Check out the summary on the home page.

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"There is solar. There is lunar. There is lie. There is truth. But the shadow can only exist in the presence of light and one can only know the gift of light after having been plunged into darkness. It is opposites that make life, contradictions that expose purpose."    

                                                     ​- Horn & Dagger

Updated 1/31/18

Dark Tunes

Brian White, author of The Strands and In the Shadow of the Witch and the upcoming, Horn and Dagger, reveals the music that is inspiring his new novels.

As I frequently cite music as a major source of inspiration for my work many people have asked me what I listen to and how that plays a role in my process of putting a novel together. Although I don’t have a formula, I find that I frequently get an idea while listening to a particular group or album and then I listen to it over and over again. That thought becomes a question or concept which then turns into a storyline. Then I usually find other music during the writing process that fills in further scenes or creates the environment or atmosphere I like to conjure while I write.

In these pages I’ll share what music I listened to grouped by writing project. When you get a chance to read the books and listen to the music you can see if I channeled the spirit of the music and atmosphere into the story. The list could also be the soundtrack for reading the novels.

I’ll update the list as I work on stories, take on new projects and continue my search for inspiration through music. I hope you enjoy the journey and the music as much as I have.

I also include a playlist at the end of each project which I consider to be the soundtrack to the novel. I'll also include that playlist in these pages.

In the Shadow of the Witch
Horn & Dagger
Dark Tunes Album Lists

In the Shadow of the Witch

Horn and Dagger