Let the darkness consume you...
Let the darkness enlighten you...

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"I am the brain fart of Deity.
Spit into a meat suit, embodying an idea discarded.
I am the lost, the forgotten, the becoming ..."    

                                                                           ​- Quantum Mystics

​Updated 5/2/2019

For those of you who are unfamiliar with me and my work my name is Brian White, and I am a dark fantasy author with three novels currently in print, The Strands, In the Shadow of the Witch, and Horn and Dagger. I also write columns and essays for www.darkrevmedia.com and run a blog on the darkrevmedia site called, The Dark Daily, covering topics such as what inspires me, my creative writing process, and the influence Heavy Metal music has had on my writing.

This new project, I’m calling Dark Parallels, was born from the realization that I tend to gather a lot of eclectic information and find synchronicity in jumbled datasets. I then form strange connections between these various topics that I use to entertain my mind. In many ways my novels are a fictionalization of these head trips which I like to call mental gymnastics. During these mental gyrations I also indulge in the purely speculative aspect of these subjects, forming thought experiments and hypotheses based on the convoluted pattern of twisting and circling that my thoughts go through during the process.
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Episode 1 - Black Mirror, Morphic Resonance, Theories of Everything and Zombie Cats

I’ll start this out with a statement that occurred to me while I was watching an episode of Black Mirror. We live in a simulated reality in which we are capable of remaking and restructuring our reality. We can influence our past by modifying it with our current beliefs, which via the process described in Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of Morphic Resonance, changes the Morphic (inherited memory) Field associated with that history thereby instantaneously changing our knowledge of the past. In a simulated reality all there is, is information. The uncertainty principle allows us to choose not only our past but our present and future through our influence on the Morphic field relying on properties of reality expressed in the theories of quantum uncertainty and entanglement.
That’s a mouthful, and yes an explanation is needed.

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Episode 2 - Digtal Afterlife, Altered Carbon, Karma,
and the Meaning of Life

A lot of the ideas I’ll express in this article came to me while watching episodes of the Neflix shows Black Mirror and Altered Carbon.  I expanded on the connections between digital consciousness, simulated reality, and morphic fields in the first Dark Parallel Episode: Black Mirror, Morphic Resonance, Theories of Everything and Zombie Cats. However, there was one aspect which I felt deserved more attention; the technical capability to create digitized, storable and transferable consciousness. Such an ability has the power to drastically alter our beliefs and attitudes of heaven, hell, judgment, reincarnation, and the afterlife.    
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